White Rain

My person, I love her dearly, but sometimes I really truly ….how do you say this…ummm…well I worry about her. She’ll say the strangest things. I often wonder if she should drink more coffee…but  anywho the other day she made the strangest comment. Well, maybe it will be better if I just tell you what happened.

You all know how much I “love” snow…NOT!!!! I know,  I know,  yes I’m from Cody, WY, yes, I was literally born in a barn, but I like being WARM! My person says she likes the snow, she likes to shovel the snow…once again I love you, but you’re CRAZY!!!!!

Anywho, back to the crazy thing she said….It all happened one Friday morning….

It started off with the usual morning routine: the alarm thing going crazy, then the coffee, you get it…

I ran to the window to check what the weather was outside. I jumped up into the window and I went NOOOOO!!!! I leaped out of the window and ran over to my person,

Why does it ALWAYS snow!?!?!?!?!

“What’s that Sassy?”

Why does it snow so much!!!!

“Oh Sass, that’s not snow.”

What do you mean it’s not snow?

“It’s not snow Sass.”

Ok, you need to drink more coffee.

“It’s not snow Sass, it’s just white rain,” she said with this funny smile on her face

It’s what?!

“That’s right, it’s just white rain.”

I had to get right in my person’s face and make sure she was ok. Do you know what she did? She just started laughing!  Snow is no laughing matter! It’s FREEZING!!!!

Person, I don’t care what you say, that snow is snow, not white rain.



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