A REAL Christmas Tree (Part 2)

Person. you have to listen to me! This is NOT a real tree!

“Sassy, I know you like trees, but you can’t climb this tree like you would one that’s outside.”

Well of course, because a real tree is way easier to climb than this one.

“I don’t want all the ornaments to break and the light to come off.”

I do like those lights…but that’s beside the point. Why on earth would you bring a ….a …well, a not real tree in here and….

“I know it’s not a real tree Sass, but…”

WAIT….WAIT….You mean you intentionally bought a not real tree and brought it into our house…WHY?!?!

Sometimes my human confuses me so much! What on earth would posses a person to pay money for something that is fake!

“Well, when someone gives you something you take it and say Thank -you. Does that make sense Sass?”

Oooooooh, I see.

After my person explained that to me, I understood. You see at the Theodore Kitty School, that’s a big thing that is taught…Thankfulness. Even though it may not be exactly what you had wanted; someone out of the kindness of their heart bought or made something with you in mind, and you should be thankful, for whatever it is they give you.

“So, are you going to jump on the tree and knock all the ornaments fall off?

No, I won’t…


I mean it I promise.

“Good Kitty.”

Can I stare at the lights though? They’re so PRETTY!!!

“Of course.” My person said laughing.

I ran over jumped on her lap and starting licking her face….


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