I think it’s about time I set the record straight. There has been this rumor going around, well..since the beginning of time, that Kittys are “afraid” of water. You know what I say to that…”DOGWASH!” Yes, DOGWASH.

Kitty’s are not afraid of water…now it might startle us, but never scare us.

*Disclaimer: I cannot speak for larger Kittys, such as lions, tigers, panthers etc… because I have never met one nor asked them their take on this matter.

Back to the subject at hand:


A good Kitty only needs a bath, in a sink/tub once a year. Why? you ask, because frankly it’s embarrassing! Through no fault of their own, a Kitty’s person tends to laugh at them after the bath. Because… well, let’s face it we look like wet rats after! Hence, no more than one bath, once a year..END OF THAT STORY!


Showers on the other hand, are a whole other matter. All of the Kitty’s at the Theodore Kitty School (the school I’m a graduate of) are taught to jump in the shower after their person is done. Why you ask? Well, it’s really just easier to clean our paws in the little bit of water that is left in the shower. I always like to drink a bit of the left over water just tastes better out of the shower.

Water…in general

Do we drink water? YES! I personally love water!

Do we like to be thrown into water? NO! Do you?!

Do we play in water? Occasionally…don’t you?

Do sudden outbursts of water scare us? NO…they startle us.

So as you can see, this idea that Baths and Showers and Water scare Kittys…Oh My Goodness…it’s total Dogwash!

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