Piano Kitty

A while back I told you how my person teaches piano lessons. Sometimes we go to other houses to do the lessons, and sometimes the little kittys…I mean people….come to our house and play on our piano.

After listening to my person teach the kittys….people….I decided that I needed to learn to play the piano too.

I waited til my person was done teaching the lesson then I went and talked to her about my decision…

“Hey Sassers, how are you doing?”

I am doing just grand, thank you for asking.

I jumped up on the seat and got right next to her. My person likes it when you just tell her what you would like, or need to do. She always says, ” Just out with it already, don’t beat around the bush.” I’m not really sure what “beating around the bush” means, but anywho…..

“What’s up Sass?”

I was thinking it might be nice, if I could learn how to play the piano.

“You like the piano don’t you Sass.”

I do…so about those lessons…

“You want to play the piano Sass?”


“Come here, let me see your paws…”

I hopped over to my persons lap, and she put my paws on the piano.


“Is that fun Sass?”

Oh my goodness, I should have done this forever ago!!!! Now I know I need to practice…

“I’ve got another lesson in just a few minutes, but you can play until they come.”

Person, you are so great!

I mean, how many of you have a person who lets you practice the piano…it really doesn’t get much better than this…unless their’s chicken…but this is a very close second.

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