Jerky (Part 1)

Many humans accuse animals of stealing their food. Now I can’t speak for dogs, or rabbits, or flamingos, or any other animals, but if a Kitty takes your food, it’s really for your protection. Yes, that’s right, we are trying to save your life.

I don’t know how many times I have saved my person’s life from strange food, but nothing compares to the first time I saved her life. She had come home from what she calls grocery shopping – apparently this is no fun to do, but she always gives me chicken after- so how bad can it be! Anywho… she was all excited about this thing she called Jerky…

What in the world is Jerky?

“Sassy, I know it’s weird, but I’ve always wanted to try Buffalo Jerky and the store finally had it on sale!”

Person, what in the world is Jerky?!

Every once in a while, my person get’s so excited about something, that she get’s lost in her own little world. She continued to put the food away while going on and on about this Buffalo Jerky.

“OK Sassy, here’s your chicken.”

Oh thank you!!!

Just about the time I went to eat my chicken, I heard this noise that sounded like something tearing. I looked over at my person, and she was sitting in her chair about to eat something.

Oh, she’s just opening a bag …

Then I got a whiff of something I had never smelled.


I leaped over to the chair and got between her and the bag.

Sassy, what are you doing?” she said laughing.

This is not a laughing matter…DON’T EAT THAT!!!!! It smells TERRIBLE!!!!!!….. That Buffalo Jerky is trying to kill you!!!!!

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