“Happy Valen-Flower-Gnome Day” (Part 1)

I love my person. I love going to the shop. I love helping the people at the shop….

with paperwork…


or sewing…


….and I love protecting of all of them.

Yet, every once in a while…well, now that I think about it…alot of the time actually…my person and those she works with (never the small person…we understand each other) make absolutely NO SENSE!!!!!! Frankly…sometimes, they down right scare me!!!!!!

Take today for instance, it’s this “holiday” called Valen…something or other Day. I’m not really sure what that is, all I know, is my person says she’s allergic to something called roses…I think roses are a flower. So, OK, Valen-something Day is a weird day with flowers….right?….NOPE!  WRONG !!!

Now I hear her talking to Iris and Shannon (some of the people who work at the shop) about some Valen- Day Gnome for Anne, and something about a “inside joke.”

First off, what in tarnation is a Gnome?

Second, Don’t all “jokes” take place inside? Why would you want to do a joke, outside, this time of year in Wyoming…It’s FREEZING!!!

This is going to be a loooong day. You’ll have to bear with me ’til Anne gets here to see about this Inside Joke Valen-flower Day Gnome…whatever that is. Maybe I’ll talk to the small person, she might know something about this. She  has good information about alot of things.


Never fear, I will get to the bottom of this, and report back my findings next week.

Happy Valen-Flower-Gnome Day…

…I think.

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