“Happy Valen-Flower-Gnome Day” (Part 2)

“Do we know what time Anne is getting here?” Iris asked.

“She texted saying that she should be in by 9:30. She has an install at 8:00 this morning,” my person said.

Jut then Shannon came in really excited about some box that came in.

“I got them!!!! They came in yesterday and she’s going to love them!” Shannon said.


I darted over to Shannon, and very politely reminded her that any box that comes into the shop MUST be inspected by me first.

“Hey Sassy, how are you doing? Wait ’til you see this, Anne’s going to think it’s great.”

That’s great, but I do really need to inspect that box please.”

“Here Sassy, I’ll open it up down here for you.”

Oh thank you Shannon. I knew you  understood.

Shannon opened the box, and like any good Stealth Kitty…I DOVE IN!!!!! Facing any danger head on is what we do.

“Sassy, what are you doing?” my person said.

I popped  my head out… Simply trying to protect all of you…back down I dove.

All clear! 

“Come here Sassers,” Iris said as she scratched my head.

I don’t normally like to be held, but I could see better with Iris holding me. I watched intently as Shannon pulled something out of the box.

“Oh my goodness!” my person said laughing. “Those Gnomes are hilarious!”

I looked at what my person, and now Shannon and Iris, were all laughing at.

WHAT!!!!!!! Why on earth are all those little people in that box!!!!!!

Shannon set them on the desk and the shelf and then went into the back room along with Iris and my person. I jumped up on the desk. They didn’t move.

Alright you….you Gnomes…..who are you and what do you want with Anne and this shop???

Nothing. They just sat there, the one with his mouth covered, one with his eyes covered, and the other with his ears covered.

That’s right, you better be scarred! So… you aren’t going to talk, or listen, or even look at me huh? 


I then went over to the other little person…Gnome…whatever they are.

How about you?  Are you going to tell me what you want with our shop?!?!?!


So, you’re just going to stand there and smile at me?

Gnome 2

Now here this you Gnomes. I’m not really sure what you are or why you won’t say anything, or why Anne is going to like you, or what in tarnation you have to do with this Valen-Flower-Gnome Day…but…. I WILL be watching you. 

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