The Vet (Part 1)

It started out as any other normal day: Noise thing goes off, person hits it, person gets her brown drink that she says makes her “function in the morning”, we eat breakfast, get ready, and head to the shop in the truck.

However, when we got to the shop on this particular day, we didn’t stay very long…

“Hey Shannon,” my person said “I have to take Sassy to the Vet this morning, it won’t be too long, I have to get her her rabies shot.”

“Oh poor thing,” Shannon said.

“Well, she’s pretty much an inside kitty, but I would hate for  her to get out by accident and get bit by something that was rabid. You never know what kind of critters are out at our place.”

Wait…. where are we going?

“So I shouldn’t be too long, and then I’ll head out with Anne to do the install,” my person said.

“Bye Sassy, I’ll see you back here after you get your rabies shot,” Shannon  said.

We went to the truck and started driving, and I was very confused…

Why on earth would I shoot a rabbit? I don’t even have a rabbit! Person, what is Shannon talking about? Does she need some of that brown drink you drink every morning?

“It’s ok Sass, we’re just going to get your rabies shot, and then you can turn in for the day, and rest at  the shop while I go to the install.

Wait just one darn tootin’ minute here Person…what do you mean I’m going tot turn into rabbit!!! Why on earth would I ever turn into a rabbit?!?!?! I like being a Kitty!!!

“It’s OK Sassy,…everything is going to be OK.”

There was nothing in the KGNTH about Kittys turning into rabbits!!!! 

“Breathe Sassy, it will all be over before you know it.”

BREATHE?!?! That’s easy for you to say! You’re not the Kitty that’s about to turn into a RABBIT!!!!!






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