Toilet Paper (Part 2)

“Sassy! what did you do to the Toilet Paper? Come on, we’ve got to get going. We’ll clean this up when we get home.”

I looked at the Toilet Paper laying there on the floor acting like it was dead.

Very smooth Toilet Paper…very smooth…I’m onto you….you heard my person, I’ll deal with you when we get home.

On the way to the shop, I tried to explain to my person, that the Toilet Paper was framing me! I don’t think she heard me though, she had that thing in her ear that she talks to people on.

Needless to say, it was a long day at the shop. I tried all day to figure out how that Toilet Paper got there, and why it decided to attack me! All that figuring just exhausted me.


When we finally got home, I went right over to that Toilet Paper and gave it a stern talking to…

Now listen here,  you toilet paper, I’m onto you…


I don’t know what your game is, or why you are making a mess in this house…

Still nothing.

Just then my person came in…

“What are you doing Sassy?”

I’m giving this Toilet Paper a talking too.

“Come on Sass, let’s get this cleaned up.”

Ok person, let me help.

We had just about finished picking up the mess when all of a sudden… I might have jumped straight up in the air…


“It’s OK Sass, that’s just the heater.”

But that’s the noise the Toilet Paper made before it threw itself all over the floor!!!

“Here Sass, let’s show this Toilet Paper who’s boss.”

YEAH!!!! I knew I loved you person!

Then, my person took the Toilet  Paper out of the wall, turned it around, and put it back in the wall.

“Alright, that should do it.”

That’s it?!?!

“Come on Sass it’ll be OK, now, let get some dinner made.”

I sat there staring at it for a few minutes.

Alright Toilet Paper, you just remember I’m watching you. Don’t you try anything tricky …or else.

“Sassy, come on, I’ve got chicken!”


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