Step Things and Applepuss (Part 1)

My person and I recently took a trip to this place she calls Grammy and Grampy’s house. I’m not really sure what a Grammy or a Grampy is, but it seemed like it took FOREVER to get to their house!

The whole way there, my person talked about this food humans call Applepuss…no that’s not it…um…Applesauce! Yep, that’s it and how Grammy makes the best kind. Then there was something about some bread, and some kind of meat…let’s just say there was a lot of talk about food and sewing (I know what this, Shannon does that at the shop) and fabric, and a bunch of other things that my person says is alot of fun.

What I’m most interested in is my person say’s Grammy and Grampy have a big house, and guess who gets to inspect it all!!!! That’s right…ME!!!!! Apparently Grammy and Grampy had Kitties a while ago, but they don’t now. Oh I hope they remember how to speak Kitty!

Well, after FOREVER of driving…we finally pulled up to their house.

HOLY COW…It is HUGE!!!!!!

“Alright Sass, here we are.”

We got out of the truck…

Oh my goodness, I smell someone cooking some hamburgers…WOW those smell good!

We went inside the house, and there was alot of hugging. Then an older lady bent down and talked to me…

“Why you must be Sassy…”

And you must be Grammy. 

I put my paw out to give her a gently’s only the polite thing for a kitty to do when she meets a new person.

“Oh I like her,” Grammy said, and then she picked me up.

I usually don’t like to be picked up, but then… I saw them…

What are those Grammy?

She turned around ,”You see the steps going upstairs? Well, if you like those, you’ll like these.”

We walked down a long hallway, and then she opened a door…


I leaped out of Grammy’s arms and stared at them for as second. I was just about to ask if I could go down there when she said, “Go on, it’s ok, you can go down there.”

I flew down the step things ….back up the step things as fast as a jackalope…down the hall…up the other steps….



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