Step Things and Applepuss (Part 2)

I flew down the step things ….back up the step things as fast as a jackalope…down the hall…up the other steps….


I might have ran up and down all those step things for …well… probably longer than I care to admit. I don’t know what makes them so much fun, but there’s just something about running up and down them as long as a Kitty wants….Oh I love it!

I decided it was time to calm down and go see where everyone was at. I found my person and Grammy and Grampy in the kitchen.

“Hey there Sass, you done running up and down the stairs for now?” my person asked.

I am…for now at least. What is that FANTASTIC smell?!?

“Do you smell the food Sassy?” Grampy asked.

I do, but there’s so many smells. I smell the hamburgers, cheese, lettuce, bread, potato chips, and there’s something else…Is it apples? No, not apples…what is that?

“Can you grab the applesauce?” Grammy said to my person.

Applepuss? What in the world is that? Is that what that fantastic smell is?!?!

I ran over to my person.

What is this Applepuss stuff, and can I try some? Is it ok for Kitty’s?

“Hang on a second Sassy,” Grammy said “Once we get the table set, we’ll get you some food.”

I knew I liked these people…both Grammy and Grampy speak Kitty!!!

As promised, once the table was set, Grammy gave me some food…

“Here you go Sassy, and here’s a little bit of the homemade applesauce.”


I cautiously went over to the tiny bowl. This was definitely the smell I couldn’t figure out earlier. I took a small taste….WOW!!!!!!

I ran over to Grammy’s seat, jumped up on her lap….

Grammy, this Applepuss is AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you for it!!!! Person, we need more of this Applepuss!!!!

I jumped off Grammy and ran back to my Applepuss….so YUMMY!!!!!!

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