Kitty’s and Baths

There’s this rumor going around that Kitty’s are “afraid” of water. I would like to set this straight. We are NOT afraid of water….we just don’t like it.

Not long ago, my person and I were getting ready to go on a trip. My person just about had the truck loaded up when I saw how beautiful it looked outside. I’m sad to say, I couldn’t help myself, and I might have run outside after my person.

You see the sun was out and it looked so warm from the inside…key word LOOKED. As soon as I went outside to the steps, I realized… It was freezing!….and WET!!!! …and there was half melted snow everywhere!!!!!

My person walked around the corner of the house…

“Sassy! what are you doing  out here? It’s freezing!”

I know that now.

“Sass, you’re all muddy, we can’t travel with you like that. We’re gonna have to give you a quick bath.”


“Come on Sass, it won’t be that bad. I’ll make sure the water is nice and warm, and I’ll have a fluffy towel for you…”


“Oh it won’t be that bad and it will be over before you know it.”

I’m not really sure what happened next. All I know is that it was so traumatizing…so terrible…I try to block from my mind permanently.

I am very thankful that the water was nice and warm like my person promised….

“Here we go Sass, into the tub.”

AAAAHHHH !!!!! I don’t like water!!!!! Get me out of here!!!!!!!

“Sassy, if you would just hold still it won’t take that long.”

After that, most of it’s a blur, except I remember looking up at my person and the front of her shirt was completely soaked with water.

Person?…What did you do?!?

Next thing I knew there was a nice fluffy.. warm …towel wrapped around me drying me off…and my person had a different outfit on.


All I know, is I learned my lesson, and I’m never running outside like that AGAIN!!!!



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