Green Beans…They’re So Fun!!!!

Have you ever seen these things called Green Beans? You know they’re long, kinda skinny, green, and SUPER FUN to play with!!!!! I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself …let’s see…well…umm…I guess we should start back at the…what did she call that place…it was the Farmer’s Park…no, the Farmer’s Mark…Market! That’s right, it was the Farmer’s Market.

So every Saturday my person goes to this Farmer’s Market, and she brings home all kinds of different food. Sometimes she brings home meat, bread, fairies…no berries, and then one time she brought home these Green Beans….

“Sassy, I’m home.”

I came running down the hall, Person! What did  you find?

“They had a bunch of good stuff this time Sass.”

Naturally, I immediately began to inspect everything …you never know what might try to get us.

“Ok, we have some berries, a loaf of bread, some peaches, some potatoes, oh and I also bought some Green Beans.”

Whoa …whoa…whoa….What are those things…you’ve never bought those before.

“What is it Sass?”

These things…I pulled out the longest green thing I had ever seen.

“Sass,” my person said laughing, “What are you doing with that Green Bean?”

A Green Bean…huh…this needs further inspection.

I ran down the hall with the Green Bean in my mouth. I set it down to inspect. According to the KGTNH when you properly inspect new things you have to smell it, paw it, push it around, sometimes you even have to chew on it.

I smelled it…Smells kind of funny, but OK.

Pawed it…Kind of hard, but nothing odd.

Chewed it…Oh…that’s nasty tasting. Humans like weird things sometimes.

Then I pushed it around…HOLY COW!!!!! It went flying down the hall.

That’s what these are good for!  I began to push the Green Bean back and forth down the hall. These Beans are so much fun!!!!!

Just then my person came around the corner…

“Sassy, what are you doing?” she said laughing. I dashed down the hall to my person.

Person, we need more of these Green Beans…they are so much fun!!!!!




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