Raining Cat’s and Frogs!!!!!

Oh my goodness! I don’t know how your weather has been wherever all you Kitties…..people… live, but it has been raining Cat’s and Frogs here.

Yes, you heard me right…Cat’s and Frogs. I know it sounds strange, but that’s exactly what my person said the other day. It all began with the daily look out my favorite window. You remember the one I’m talking about? The big one in the bedroom that I can see everything out of.

Anywho..the other morning I jumped up in the window sill and what did I see…no it wasn’t snow this time….the whole outside was WET! I’m not just talking a little bit wet like from those things that spray water out of them…..I mean the whole entire world was WET!!!!

I leaped out of the window and ran over to my person in bed… Don’t worry she was already drinking her brown stuff….

Person!!! Did you see the outside?

“I know Sassy, it is just icky out there today.”

Icky?! No, it’s way more than icky. 

Back to the window I went.

“I can’t believe it! It’s just coming down like ‘Cat’s and Dogs’ out there.”

It’s what?!?

I darted out of the window again, leaped right up next to my person to make sure there was more brown stuff in her cup. There wasn’t. You see sometimes before my person finishes her brown stuff she says the weirdest things, like Raining Cat’s and Frogs.

What do you mean it’s raining ‘Cat’s and Frogs’?! Kittys and frogs don’t fall from the sky.

I got right in her face…

Person, are you OK?

“Alright Sassy,  let’s get ready to go to the shop.”

I looked out the window once more just to verify there were no kittys or frogs falling from the sky…Nope…Nothing.

Person. I don’t know if you should go in today. There are clearly NO ‘Cats or Frogs’ falling from the sky.



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