Have you ever seen something that is so weird…so strange… so bizarre that you want to ask the maker, “Why on earth would you ever want to make something like this?!?”

Well, I have.

Every once in a while, people will donate things to the shop. Sometimes it’s fabric, sometimes it’s zippers, and sometimes it’s things I have never seen before in my life! Alot of times we can use these things, and everyone at the shop get’s very excited; but every once in a while, we get something in that…well, it’s basically useless…at least in my opinion.

The other day was one of those days…

YES!!!! I love when we get boxes!!!!

“Careful Sassy,” my person said, “There’s a bunch of old material in here, you can smell it, but don’t ruin it.”

I promise, that as an A+ graduate of the Theodore Kitty School I will not destroy the fabric in this box.

“Good job Sass.”

Let me tell you, there was a ton of things to inspect. There were yards and yards of fabric, some old buttons, and then my person pulled out something I had never seen before.

“Look at this Sassy.”

What in the world is that????

“This, Sassy, is a giant tassel.”

A passel? What’s a passel?

“Sassy, I don’t think we can use this at the shop. Here, you can have this.”

My person then set a giant, huge, ginormous, fassel…passel…no it’s a…tassel.

Person, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but what am I supposed to do with this?

“Have fun with it Sass.”


Let me tell you…I did.

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