Drapery Inspections

As an A+ graduate of the Theodore Kitty School, a Stealth Kitty, and a protector of My Person and her surroundings, it is my sworn duty to inspect…well…pretty much everything in her life. With everything we do in a day, I really don’t know how she has survived this long without me.

Like I’ve told  you before, things can get pretty busy at The Shop. I inspect every piece of furniture that comes and goes, every pillow and cushion, and every drape. Yes, I know that word “drape” may be kind of weird to some of you kitties…people….reading. When I first heard it, I thought all the people in The Shop were “losing it.”

I went to my trusty KGTNH and looked to see if there was anything in there about “drapes.” According to the KGTNH, they define drapes as “…Fabric or Fabrics that  humans put together to cover windows.”

I know what all you kitties are thinking, “Why on earth would you want to cover up a perfectly good window?” Frankly I have no answer for that. Apparently, humans pay good money to cover up windows…why put the window there in the first place if you’re just going to cover it up?!?!

Anywho…All you kitties and humans reading this would be very proud of me. I have become quite the drapery inspector, and have decided to pass along a few very important tips to remember when inspecting them.

1. NEVER EVER climb up the drapes.

I know it’s easier to inspect the drapes that way (especially if there are two layers of fabric) but humans really, really don’t like it when a kitty does that.

2. Always inspect drapes from the floor.

Most drapes are very long and can easily be inspected from the floor. Yes, I know it takes longer to walk in between layers of fabric, but let’s face it, “A happy person, means a happy home.”

3.  Gently move the drapes before jumping in a window for the final inspection.

Yes, it’s annoying that humans cover windows, but as a good Kitty, it is our job to protect our people. My Person loves it, when I gently move the drape open with my paw (NO CLAWS) and then jump to the ledge where I can do a final “hanging” inspection…and, get a good view out the window.


It can be tedious being a good Drapery Inspecting Kitty, but trust me…IT”S WORTH IT!!!!



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