Fans…They’re Just So Fascinating!

There are many kitties out there that are so easily fascinated, so easily mesmerized, so…well it’s quite embarrassing! The KGTNH teaches that while it’s OK to admire something that is beautiful or unique, you should never ever be so fixed on one thing that you lose sight of your mission…your person.

I’m proud to say that I have followed that rule very strictly… until the other day…

“Sassy…..Sassy….there you are. Come here, I have something to show you.”

Really????  What is it????

“Come on, it’s in the bedroom.”

Bedroom? Must not be chicken then. Oh new toy?!?!

“Well Sass, what do you think?”

My person pointed up at the sealing where there used to be a light. There in it’s place, was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It looked like some sort of a weird bird attached to the sealing with a light hanging down from it.

Person, why did you hang a strange bird- light -thing from our sealing?

“I know, I know what you’re thinking,  why did I put a fan up on the sealing when we already have a small portable fan….”

That bird thing is a fan?

I dashed down the hall to look at the small blue fan my person always turned on at night during the summer. Hmmm….back to the bedroom….up on the bed…

Well, I suppose it does kind of look like the blue fan.

“I’ll turn it on for you, so you can really see how it works.”



You know person that’s really kind of amazing how it turns around and around and around and…….


Fans 3 (2)


Fans 2

Huh…did you call me person?

“Those fans are pretty neat looking aren’t they Sass,” my person said laughing.

I’m not sure why she was laughing, but I had to agree with her, that fan’s are just so fascinating…who knew!

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