Canning (Part 1): The Peeler/ Corer

Where to start….where to start. I’m sure some of you have heard of this, but for those of you who haven’t (like me), I’ll try the best I can to explain it.

So my person tells me that she wants to “can” what she calls “Apple Pie Filling.” So she bought a bunch of apples and I mean a bunch….

“Alright Sassy, you ready for this?”

Of course I’m ready! I want to know what “canning ” is.

“So first we need to wash all the apples, then we “core and peel” them.”

OK, I can wash them, but how do we “core and peel” them.

The next thing I know, my person got the weirdest thing out of the kitchen cupboard.

What is that?!?!

What’s that Sass?”

That thing in your hands…what is it?

“Do you want to sniff the Apple Peeler/Corer?”

That looks very suspicious, I definitely need to inspect that.

My person let me smell it and then washed it off. This “Apple Peeler/Corer” is a “U”shaped thing that my person clamped on to the counter. Then, at the top of the “U” shaped thing is this weird stick that has three poky things on one end and a handle on the other.

“Here we go Sassy.”


On the poky end my person stuck an apple and then began to turn the handle. All of a sudden the red stuff on the apple began to just fall off !

Everything in me wanted to jump on the counter to get a better look, but good kittys never jump up on the counter.

“What do you think Sassy?”

This is the coolest thing ever!!!!!! Just one question though, what do we do with the red stuff and the rest of the apple?

“Do you want to try some of the skin?”

I don’t know what the skin is, but I want to try that red stuff please!!!!

“What do you think?… is it good?”

Why on earth would you take this red stuff off…it’s DELICIOUS!!!!!


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