Canning (Part 2): The Apple Pie Filling

So, let’s recap…

  • My person bought a bunch of apples.
  • The Red Stuff (aka Skin) is all off.
  • Most importantly….The Red Stuff is delicious!!!

Ok…now that that’s out of the way…

Once all the Red Stuff was off all the apples, my person put the rest of the apples into this HUGE pot. Then, dumped other things in the top…

What on earth are you adding to the pot?

Does that cinnamon smell good Sassy?”

What is cinnamon?

“Here Sassy, do you want to see?”

Oh yes please!

My person pulled over a stool so I could sit on it and see what she was doing. The best I could make out, she was just dumping a bunch of brown stuff that she called “cinnamon” and other brown and white things into the pot. Then she poured some water in the pot and set the pot on stove and started to cook it all.

“You just wait Sass, this is Apple Pie Filling going to smell so good and it will taste super good too.”

Whatever you say person…I’m not to sure about this.

Then it got even weirder!

After the stuff was in the pot for a while, my person put an even bigger pot, that was full of water, on the stove too! After all that I decided I would just sit back and watch. This was getting better than the mornings she didn’t drink her brown drink.

My person then took the pot with the “Apple Pie Filling” in it and placed it on the counter where there were some jars. Then she began to fill up all the jars with the “Apple Pie Filling.” I will admit, that Filling stuff did smell really good, maybe she was on to something.

Once the jars were filled, she put lids on, and then stuck them in the HUGE pot with the water…

Haven’t you cooked that stuff enough????

“We’re almost done Sassy. Give me 25 minutes and it will all be done.”

Person, you’ve done some strange things, but I’m pretty sure this beats them all.

Now, I know what your thinking… So what is canning? I know it’s very confusing.

The best I can come up with is that “canning” is basically  when you dump a bunch of chopped up food in glass jars for a really long time. Like I told you before…WEIRD!


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