The Leaves (Part 1)

Have you ever seen something so pretty, so beautiful, so absolutely breathtaking that you can’t help but stare at it?!

There’s this one super huge, ginormous…OK it’s probably just big, but I’m not that big of a work with me… Where was I? Oh yes, there’s a big window in our living room that I absolutely love to sit in. It truly is perfect for watching the neighborhood and making sure everyone is safe.

While I was sitting in the window one day, all of a sudden these beautiful yellow things started falling from the sky. I was so amazed at how they just fell, I might have started to walk up the window with my front paws…maybe…ok who am I kidding…I totally did! They were just so GORGEOUS!!!!

It was about that time that my person walked in..

“What are you doing Sass?”

They are so GORGEOUS!!!!!

“What’s that Sass?”

These small yellow things..what are they, they’re so gorgeous!

My person came over to the window.

“Oh you see the leaves. Those sure are pretty this year.”


I couldn’t believe what my person was saying! How could she just say they were pretty?! They were some of the most beautiful things I had ever seen! By this time she was sitting in a chair reading a book, I had to take drastic measures. I leaped off of the window, ran over to her, jumped up on the chair and had to get right in her face (You have to do that with my person when she reads a book. Once she starts reading, she doesn’t hear a word you say).

They are not just “pretty” they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

“OK, Sassy,” she said laughing.

“Would you like to go outside and see the leaves?”

Outside? Hmm…I don’t know.

“Oh come on Sassy, it’s not that cold outside.”

Well, as long as it’s not that cold outside. Those leaves are almost worth getting a tiny bit cold…



The Floo’s…or maybe it’s Flies (Part 2)

Let’s see, where was I at? Oh yes, I was teaching a fly how to play tag…

“Whazzz it called?” The Fly asked me.

It’s called Tag.


No Tag. It’s this game my person told me about, and it’s actually quite fun.

“Howzz it played?”

Well, there’s a person who’s ‘It’… That’s the person that does the tagging.

“Anz whazz the other person do?”

Well the other person runs, or…uh..flies in your case. Once the person who’s It has caught up with the other person, they are supposed to ‘tag’ or tap the person they have been chasing.

” Thazzz soundz like it couldzz be funzzz.”

It really is! Do you want to try?


Ok, do you want to be ‘It’ the first time?


Here I go!

I raced down the hallway at stealth like speed, the fly, right on my tail. Next thing I knew, I was skidding into the bedroom.

Ahhh! wood floor!!!! wood floor!!!!

I tried hard to stop, but I just couldn’t. Thankfully my person was in the middle of making the bed and had left a big fluffy pillow on the floor.


At last the fly caught up with me.

“Tazzz you’re ‘It’ now.

Alright Fly, here we go.

I took after the fly. I will admit he was pretty good at this. He flew back down the hall heading for the kitchen. I just about had him…

I’m gonna get you Fly!

Just then I made leap to tag but the fly, but I might have leaped too much…

“Look at you Sassy, you are a pest control Kitty, catching those flies like that,” my person said.

Ahhhhh! oh no!!!! 

I was afraid I had smashed the poor little fly! I immediately jumped off.

Are you OK!?!?! Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry….


Please little Fly say something! Please….

Just as I was about to give up…

“Wowzzzz that was kind of fun!!!!”

Oh You’re Alive!!!!! I was so afraid I had squashed you!

“Ohzz no, I’m a pretty tough fly.”

I’m not quite sure how long we played tag, but we both had so much fun, we decided to just keep going and going and going and going…..













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Quick Break

Do to some craziness at the shop, I’ll have to take a break this week…Yes, the “CRAZINESS” is real.


Please be sure to come back next week for the conclusion to The Floo’s…Or Maybe It’s Flies (Part 2).

Thank you to all of you who take the time to read my blog!


The Floo’s…or maybe it’s Flies (Part 1)

Part of being a good Stealth Kitty is being patient.Sometimes you have to be very patient especially when it comes to the annoying Floo’s or maybe it’s  Flies. Yes, I’m pretty sure you humans call it Flies. They are pesky little  buggers that drive me crazy!!!! Well at least at first they did.

My favorite place to make sure the house is secure  is in the window. A nice big window.

As I was sitting there one day this small black thing flew down close to my face…

What in the world?! What was that?

All I could here was this strange buzzing.

Where is that coming from?

I looked around and around, then all of a sudden I saw a quick flash of black.

Whoah! What was that?

All of a sudden the small black thing landed and I  got a good look at it.

I went over and stared at it. It had the weirdest eyes I had ever seen in my life! It sat there very calmly while I look at it. When I wasn’t sure what it was, I asked it..

Excuse me, I don’t mean to be rude, or nosy, but what are you?

“Izzz’m a Flyzzz.”

A what?  It had the weirdest accent I’d ever heard.

“Izzz’m a Flyzzz.”

You’re a Floos?

“No, “Izzz’m a Flyzzz.”

Oh a Fly?


Well at least it was very polite, and seemed nice. I decided, that since it seemed so nice and polite, I would ask it if it wanted to play…

Hey, you want to play a game?

“Zzzure, whazz iz it?”

It’s this very fun, easy game my person told me about called Tag….




As a Stealth Kitty, there isn’t a ton of time for games, but every once in a while things do slow down and my person play this game she calls “Tag.” Let me tell you, I was a little skeptical at first….but it’s the funnest thing EVER!!!!!

It all started one Saturday….

“You can’t get me Sassy…” my person said to me.

What do you mean I can’t get you? Of course I can get you.

“Come on Sassy, it’s a game you have to come after me and tag me.”

Tag, what does Tag mean?

“Ok Sassy, this is how you play the game. I run, then you chase after me. Once you get really close to me, then you tap my leg.”

Ooooh, so when I tap  your leg that’s the “tag” part?

“Come on, let’s try.”

My person took off running!

“Come on Sassy! You can’t get me!

Oh yes I can!!!

I dashed down the hallway, screeched around the corner, and cornered her in the bedroom. She tried to trick me on which way she was going to run. Then, I leaped at her leg!

“Hahahahaha!!!! Sassy, you don’t hug my leg!” my person said laughing at me, “you just tap it.”

Well, I wanted to make sure you knew that I tagged you. 

“You definitely got me.”

I’m not sure how long we ended up playing, but I really really really like this game!

In my expert Stealth Kitty opinion, every Kitty and Person really needs to play “Tag.”



Theodore Kitty School and the KGTNH

I overheard my person talking about how many of you kitties…I mean people… are heading back to school. I’m not 100% sure what it is people study in their schools; I only know there is a small mention of it in the KGTNH and something to do with lunch. Anywho… I know there have been some questions about the KGTNH.  Some have asked what it is.

I assume in people’s school that they use some type of book to teach out of. You know, something to teach you what to do in different situations, etc..well, that’s what the KGTNH is.

The KGTNH stands for the Kitty Guide To a New Home. That is the only book used at the Theodore Kitty School. What is the Theodore Kitty School you ask…well that’s the school I graduated from. Yes, I was one of the top graduates of the Theodore Kitty School. I went all the way through the school and then went on to the Stealth Kitty program, and graduated at the top of my class there- in record timing too.

The KGTNH taught us many things, such Math…Every Kitty needs to be able to calculate how high things are, how wide…long… All to make sure they can protect their person.


Have you seen some of the things my person brings into this shop? I use so much math it’s ridiculous!

Then there’s important life lessons… like always clean your bowl…


We should never be wasteful.

Another part of the stealth program is PE…Person Evaluation. This is mainly done from the shadows…you can learn more that way…


Then theirs the most important rule of all…To always be there for your person. You see, sometimes, your person is going to have a bad day, and the best thing for them is to have a kind, loving face to see…


The KGTNH is not 100% sure why, but 99% of the time they say it cheers your person up instantly.

Labor Day Break

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has been a faithful reader. Since many of  you Kitties…people… have what my person calls a “long weekend”, I decided a small vacation might not be bad.  My person mentioned something about grilling chicken this weekend. I’m very excited.

Be sure to come back next Thursday and I will tell you about my experience at school. Yes, Kitty’s have to go to school too.

Once again thank you for reading.