Kitty Pro-Tip’s

# 1

“Kitties and dogs can work together…you just have to train the dogs.”


“Feathers are fun, fluffy, soft…and REALLY fun to tear apart! Honest they are.”


“Potato skins are natures edible toys. Don’t play with them on the carpet though.”


“Foam is very useful…especially to chew on and hide in!”


“Leaves are to be chased, caught, and shredded to bits. It’s what they were made for!”


“Green Beans…I’m not really sure what they are or why humans eat them. All I know is they are great fun to fling across the kitchen floor!”


“There’s nothing better than a good piece of jerky…except maybe a good piece of elk jerky.”


“Whoever thought trout in kitty food was a good idea, obviously never tried it!”

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