Laundry Day (Part 1)

I’ve told you how my person does some weird things, right? Now, in her defense, the KGTNH does talk about this weird thing that humans call “laundry.” Unfortunately, there isn’t much known about “laundry” in the kitty world (we don’t really take our fur off like people do). The best definition that the authors of the KGTNH could come up with was: “A time when your person will dump all their fur/clothes on the floor, put them in different piles, then put them in a big metal box that makes them wet (* DO NOT GET IN THIS METAL BOX*),  take them out of the metal box, and either hang them up on a line or put them in another metal box that makes them dry (* DO NOT GET IN THIS METAL BOX EITHER*).”

Like I told you…crazy! Not only does my person do this to her clothes, but she does it to the towels AND the things on her box she sleeps on called “sheets.”

These “sheets” are one of my favorite things. Why you ask? Well, let me start at the beginning….

“Come on Sass, it’s Laundry Day, wanna help me with the sheets?”


Up on the bed I leap! Under the sheets I go! I have to make sure there’s no socks under there.

“Did you find anything Sass?”

Nope all clear.

“Ready Sassy, the sheet is going to fly…”

I’m ready….

Off the bed I leap and fly through the air as my person rips the sheet off her sleeping box. My goal is to get it before it touches the floor, although I’ve never been able to do it. Normally it get’s me and I have to remind it who’s really in charge.

“Alright Sass, I think it know’s you’re the boss.”

Are you sure? Because I have to remind it every week. You think it would learn!

“Come on we have to get a load out of the dryer, and you know what that means……”





Laundry Day (Part 2)


“Come on Sass, we have to get a load out of the dryer, and you know what that means……”


While the box sheets are really fun, the best part ever about Laundry Day is the metal drying box. I know what your thinking, What’s so special about a drying box? It’s the little wool ball things that my person puts in the drying box.

She puts those balls in with every group of fur…I mean clothes, why…I have no idea. Then, when she takes the fur out, those little wool balls always try to run away….

“Ready Sassy, they’re going to come flying out.”

I’m ready person, bring it on, they aren’t going to get by me today.

“Remember there’s 6 of them. Ready?


“You sure?”

YES! Let ’em rip!

Out came the first one….Got it!

#2…Really, a slow roll? Got it!

#3, #4, #5,… Trying to be tricky and dart out together huh….not today! Got them!

#6….Where are you, you can’t fool me, I’m ready….

Just then #6 darted out of the drying box…

Oh no you don’t!!!!!

Down the hall I darted! That ball wasn’t going to get the best of me!

Whoa! You’re going to be sneaky today hmm???

The ball had taken a quick turn into the bedroom. There it sat. We were in a good old fashion Wyoming standoff.

Alright little ball, I’m going to grab you and take you back to the laundry room and we’re going to be done with this ok…

It said nothing. I decided this situation called for some “Stealth Kitty” actions. I laid down on the floor as flat as I could get. I even flattened my ears, so it couldn’t see me.

I waited…and waited…then about the time I figured it would be letting it’s guard down….BAM!!!! I got it!!!! I carried it in my mouth down the hall back to my person, she was going to be so proud of me!

“Hey there Sass…Look at you!!!! You got that wool ball! Good job!”

I carried the ball back into the laundry room…

Now, let that be a lesson to you, you can’t get away from a Stealth Kitty…you just can’t.

New Page in Blog!

I’m very excited to tell you about the new page on my site, “Kitty Pro-Tips.” This page will consist of  short, useful tips for all of my readers (including Kitty’s at the Theodore Kitty School).

My person and I are also working on another new page that should be added in the next few months.

Hope you like the new stuff!


New Things Coming!

I hope all of my wonderful readers had a fabulous Fourth of July, I know my person and I did!

I am very excited to tell you all that we have been working hard on some new ideas for the blog!  Be sure to come back on August 2 to see some of the new things.

Thank you again for reading!!!


Happy 4th of July!!!!!

My person and I will be taking a small break for the 4th of July. Thank you to all of the men and women who keep our nation free.

Thank you to everyone who reads these blogs. Have a wonderful 4th of July and be sure to come back on July 12th for the next story.



Fans…They’re Just So Fascinating!

There are many kitties out there that are so easily fascinated, so easily mesmerized, so…well it’s quite embarrassing! The KGTNH teaches that while it’s OK to admire something that is beautiful or unique, you should never ever be so fixed on one thing that you lose sight of your mission…your person.

I’m proud to say that I have followed that rule very strictly… until the other day…

“Sassy…..Sassy….there you are. Come here, I have something to show you.”

Really????  What is it????

“Come on, it’s in the bedroom.”

Bedroom? Must not be chicken then. Oh new toy?!?!

“Well Sass, what do you think?”

My person pointed up at the sealing where there used to be a light. There in it’s place, was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen. It looked like some sort of a weird bird attached to the sealing with a light hanging down from it.

Person, why did you hang a strange bird- light -thing from our sealing?

“I know, I know what you’re thinking,  why did I put a fan up on the sealing when we already have a small portable fan….”

That bird thing is a fan?

I dashed down the hall to look at the small blue fan my person always turned on at night during the summer. Hmmm….back to the bedroom….up on the bed…

Well, I suppose it does kind of look like the blue fan.

“I’ll turn it on for you, so you can really see how it works.”



You know person that’s really kind of amazing how it turns around and around and around and…….


Fans 3 (2)


Fans 2

Huh…did you call me person?

“Those fans are pretty neat looking aren’t they Sass,” my person said laughing.

I’m not sure why she was laughing, but I had to agree with her, that fan’s are just so fascinating…who knew!

Drapery Inspections

As an A+ graduate of the Theodore Kitty School, a Stealth Kitty, and a protector of My Person and her surroundings, it is my sworn duty to inspect…well…pretty much everything in her life. With everything we do in a day, I really don’t know how she has survived this long without me.

Like I’ve told  you before, things can get pretty busy at The Shop. I inspect every piece of furniture that comes and goes, every pillow and cushion, and every drape. Yes, I know that word “drape” may be kind of weird to some of you kitties…people….reading. When I first heard it, I thought all the people in The Shop were “losing it.”

I went to my trusty KGTNH and looked to see if there was anything in there about “drapes.” According to the KGTNH, they define drapes as “…Fabric or Fabrics that  humans put together to cover windows.”

I know what all you kitties are thinking, “Why on earth would you want to cover up a perfectly good window?” Frankly I have no answer for that. Apparently, humans pay good money to cover up windows…why put the window there in the first place if you’re just going to cover it up?!?!

Anywho…All you kitties and humans reading this would be very proud of me. I have become quite the drapery inspector, and have decided to pass along a few very important tips to remember when inspecting them.

1. NEVER EVER climb up the drapes.

I know it’s easier to inspect the drapes that way (especially if there are two layers of fabric) but humans really, really don’t like it when a kitty does that.

2. Always inspect drapes from the floor.

Most drapes are very long and can easily be inspected from the floor. Yes, I know it takes longer to walk in between layers of fabric, but let’s face it, “A happy person, means a happy home.”

3.  Gently move the drapes before jumping in a window for the final inspection.

Yes, it’s annoying that humans cover windows, but as a good Kitty, it is our job to protect our people. My Person loves it, when I gently move the drape open with my paw (NO CLAWS) and then jump to the ledge where I can do a final “hanging” inspection…and, get a good view out the window.


It can be tedious being a good Drapery Inspecting Kitty, but trust me…IT”S WORTH IT!!!!




Have you ever seen something that is so weird…so strange… so bizarre that you want to ask the maker, “Why on earth would you ever want to make something like this?!?”

Well, I have.

Every once in a while, people will donate things to the shop. Sometimes it’s fabric, sometimes it’s zippers, and sometimes it’s things I have never seen before in my life! Alot of times we can use these things, and everyone at the shop get’s very excited; but every once in a while, we get something in that…well, it’s basically useless…at least in my opinion.

The other day was one of those days…

YES!!!! I love when we get boxes!!!!

“Careful Sassy,” my person said, “There’s a bunch of old material in here, you can smell it, but don’t ruin it.”

I promise, that as an A+ graduate of the Theodore Kitty School I will not destroy the fabric in this box.

“Good job Sass.”

Let me tell you, there was a ton of things to inspect. There were yards and yards of fabric, some old buttons, and then my person pulled out something I had never seen before.

“Look at this Sassy.”

What in the world is that????

“This, Sassy, is a giant tassel.”

A passel? What’s a passel?

“Sassy, I don’t think we can use this at the shop. Here, you can have this.”

My person then set a giant, huge, ginormous, fassel…passel…no it’s a…tassel.

Person, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, but what am I supposed to do with this?

“Have fun with it Sass.”


Let me tell you…I did.

Raining Cat’s and Frogs!!!!!

Oh my goodness! I don’t know how your weather has been wherever all you Kitties…..people… live, but it has been raining Cat’s and Frogs here.

Yes, you heard me right…Cat’s and Frogs. I know it sounds strange, but that’s exactly what my person said the other day. It all began with the daily look out my favorite window. You remember the one I’m talking about? The big one in the bedroom that I can see everything out of.

Anywho..the other morning I jumped up in the window sill and what did I see…no it wasn’t snow this time….the whole outside was WET! I’m not just talking a little bit wet like from those things that spray water out of them…..I mean the whole entire world was WET!!!!

I leaped out of the window and ran over to my person in bed… Don’t worry she was already drinking her brown stuff….

Person!!! Did you see the outside?

“I know Sassy, it is just icky out there today.”

Icky?! No, it’s way more than icky. 

Back to the window I went.

“I can’t believe it! It’s just coming down like ‘Cat’s and Dogs’ out there.”

It’s what?!?

I darted out of the window again, leaped right up next to my person to make sure there was more brown stuff in her cup. There wasn’t. You see sometimes before my person finishes her brown stuff she says the weirdest things, like Raining Cat’s and Frogs.

What do you mean it’s raining ‘Cat’s and Frogs’?! Kittys and frogs don’t fall from the sky.

I got right in her face…

Person, are you OK?

“Alright Sassy,  let’s get ready to go to the shop.”

I looked out the window once more just to verify there were no kittys or frogs falling from the sky…Nope…Nothing.

Person. I don’t know if you should go in today. There are clearly NO ‘Cats or Frogs’ falling from the sky.