BEST TOY EVER!!!!!! (Part 1)

It all started one day at the shop, when Shannon’s sister walked in…

I had been up in the front of the shop inspecting the new furniture that came in when all of a sudden, I heard the back door open. I dashed and slid (this real fake wood floor- that’s what my person calls it- is so much fun to run and slide on!) all the way to the back room. In walked Shannon’s sister. I like it when she comes; sometimes she even gives me a little bit of chicken! Note to all humans… well, everywhere… the way to make friends with a kitty is to give us chicken. Anywho, I’m chasing a squirrel…Oh yes, Shannon’s sister…

“Hey Sassy, guess what…”


“I bought something for you!”

You DID!!!!

“I saw this at the store and I just had to get it for you.”

She went out to her truck, and grabbed the weirdest thing I had ever seen. She came back in with a bag that had this weird green furry thing hanging out of it.

What is that? I’ve never seen anything like that?

She set the bag down and pulled out this long stick that had a long green fluffy thing hanging off of it. What happened next….it….well…she set it down on the floor and as soon as it touched the floor it came to LIFE!!!!!!!


I leaped after the green fluffy thing that was trying to get me! I pounced on it, quickly rolled over on my back, held it with all fours and began to kick at it….and do you know what it did?! DO YOU! It began to….FLY!!!!

I let go in disbelief…

This isn’t a bird…is it????

I watch as it landed back on the floor, in utter disbelief!

I ran over to Shannon’s Sister….

What is this Fantastic THING!!!!!!!!


The Perfect Nap Spot

Yes, you read that right, The Perfect Nap Spot. Every Kitty…and person, needs to have a great nap spot. Now some of you  may be wondering, why would a nap spot be so important. Well to be honest I’m not 100% positive why it is..I just know it is.

I tried many places both at home and the shop. First I tried Anne’s chair…


It was very comfortable, but there was one downfall…sometimes you would wake up a little bit cold.

I tried some cushions that were lying around the shop…


But they were not soft enough at all.

When we went home I tried one of my persons blankets….


It was so nice and warm and fluffy, but it was a bit too warm.

I decided to try one more place. My person had laid this fluffy thing in front of the box that has warm air…and oh my goodness…


It was the PERFECT nap spot!!!!!

NO!…Not all wool is the same.

One of the things about being a good Stealth Kitty is continued “on-the-job training.”  I am continually learning about pillows, furniture, and those things that humans hang from windows…what are they called…oh yes, drapes. But, my most favorite thing of all is the different fabrics!

There is this one in particular that my person calls Wool. Now, a kitty…person..well or both…might say that wool is wool, it’s all the same. You know what I say to that?

NO! Not all wool is the same!

Most wool I find is very scratchy and to be honest it smells really weird. I don’t like it one bit.

However, there’s this one kind that I overheard Shannon call Pendleton Wool…..


“Here’s some of the Pendleton scraps,” Shannon said to my person.

“Oh my goodness, she’s going to LOVE these, especially since it’s getting colder out, Sassy come here.’ ”

I came running into the back room.

Yes, you have some fabric that needs inspected?

“Hey Sass, what do you think of this?”

I went over and carefully sniffed it…Oh that smells good! Can you set it down on the ground for a second?

I went over and laid on it.

OH my goodness! Sooooo soft! What is this? and can I have it?!

“What do you think if I made a kitty’sized blanket out of it?”

My very own blanket???? Oh I would LOVE that!!!! It would keep me so nice and warm on those cold days and when the white stuff falls….Oh I can’t wait!!!!!

This Pendleton Wool was so soft and smelled sooooo good! I have to contact the Kitty’s that wrote the KGTNH and tell them to include a section about this Pendelton Wool and that it has been Kitty tested and approved!

The Leaves part 2


Well, I guess doesn’t  seem too cold…OK let’s go out. I really want to see those leaves!

“Come here Sassy, let’s put the leash on you.”


“Oh stop being such a baby, it’s just a leash. It’s not going to hurt you.”

HMMMMM…OK if I must.

As terrible as that leash is, I was willing to suffer, to go outside. Yes, the leaves are that GORGEOUS!

Anywho…My person and I went outside. She opened the door, down the steps I went. As soon as I stepped on the concrete I realized that my definition and my person’s definition of  cold are two COMPLETE different things!!!!!


I was just about to wiggle out of my person’s arms and run for the house, when I saw the most beautiful little yellow leaf fall right in front of me. It gently floated down so gracefully and smoothly …I’ve got to touch it!

My person set me down and I walked over to the little leaf.

“What do you think Sass?”

Oh my goodness it’s so smooth!

As I admired the gorgeousness of the leaf, my person said.

“Sassy, look over there.”

I turned to look and I think I almost had a kitty heart attack!!!!! Over in another part of the yard was an entire MILE HIGH PILE of LEAVES!!!!!!!


I ran over like, you see small humans do, and I leaped into the middle of the leaves! I sunk down into the pile and I was surrounded by beautiful yellow.  I then tunneled out of the leaves and saw my person smiling at me.

I ran over to her and leaped onto her leg!

“Sassy! What are you doing?”

She pulled me up off her leg.

OK, I totally forgive you about cold! These leaves are the BEST THING EVER!!!!!!!!

“I’m so glad you like them,” she said laughing. ” Go on, go play in them some more.”

I leaped out of her arms, ran over to the pile, jumped in it, and rolled and rolled and rolled all over in it!



The Leaves (Part 1)

Have you ever seen something so pretty, so beautiful, so absolutely breathtaking that you can’t help but stare at it?!

There’s this one super huge, ginormous…OK it’s probably just big, but I’m not that big of a work with me… Where was I? Oh yes, there’s a big window in our living room that I absolutely love to sit in. It truly is perfect for watching the neighborhood and making sure everyone is safe.

While I was sitting in the window one day, all of a sudden these beautiful yellow things started falling from the sky. I was so amazed at how they just fell, I might have started to walk up the window with my front paws…maybe…ok who am I kidding…I totally did! They were just so GORGEOUS!!!!

It was about that time that my person walked in..

“What are you doing Sass?”

They are so GORGEOUS!!!!!

“What’s that Sass?”

These small yellow things..what are they, they’re so gorgeous!

My person came over to the window.

“Oh you see the leaves. Those sure are pretty this year.”


I couldn’t believe what my person was saying! How could she just say they were pretty?! They were some of the most beautiful things I had ever seen! By this time she was sitting in a chair reading a book, I had to take drastic measures. I leaped off of the window, ran over to her, jumped up on the chair and had to get right in her face (You have to do that with my person when she reads a book. Once she starts reading, she doesn’t hear a word you say).

They are not just “pretty” they are GORGEOUS!!!!!!

“OK, Sassy,” she said laughing.

“Would you like to go outside and see the leaves?”

Outside? Hmm…I don’t know.

“Oh come on Sassy, it’s not that cold outside.”

Well, as long as it’s not that cold outside. Those leaves are almost worth getting a tiny bit cold…



The Floo’s…or maybe it’s Flies (Part 2)

Let’s see, where was I at? Oh yes, I was teaching a fly how to play tag…

“Whazzz it called?” The Fly asked me.

It’s called Tag.


No Tag. It’s this game my person told me about, and it’s actually quite fun.

“Howzz it played?”

Well, there’s a person who’s ‘It’… That’s the person that does the tagging.

“Anz whazz the other person do?”

Well the other person runs, or…uh..flies in your case. Once the person who’s It has caught up with the other person, they are supposed to ‘tag’ or tap the person they have been chasing.

” Thazzz soundz like it couldzz be funzzz.”

It really is! Do you want to try?


Ok, do you want to be ‘It’ the first time?


Here I go!

I raced down the hallway at stealth like speed, the fly, right on my tail. Next thing I knew, I was skidding into the bedroom.

Ahhh! wood floor!!!! wood floor!!!!

I tried hard to stop, but I just couldn’t. Thankfully my person was in the middle of making the bed and had left a big fluffy pillow on the floor.


At last the fly caught up with me.

“Tazzz you’re ‘It’ now.

Alright Fly, here we go.

I took after the fly. I will admit he was pretty good at this. He flew back down the hall heading for the kitchen. I just about had him…

I’m gonna get you Fly!

Just then I made leap to tag but the fly, but I might have leaped too much…

“Look at you Sassy, you are a pest control Kitty, catching those flies like that,” my person said.

Ahhhhh! oh no!!!! 

I was afraid I had smashed the poor little fly! I immediately jumped off.

Are you OK!?!?! Oh my goodness, I’m so sorry….


Please little Fly say something! Please….

Just as I was about to give up…

“Wowzzzz that was kind of fun!!!!”

Oh You’re Alive!!!!! I was so afraid I had squashed you!

“Ohzz no, I’m a pretty tough fly.”

I’m not quite sure how long we played tag, but we both had so much fun, we decided to just keep going and going and going and going…..













































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































Quick Break

Do to some craziness at the shop, I’ll have to take a break this week…Yes, the “CRAZINESS” is real.


Please be sure to come back next week for the conclusion to The Floo’s…Or Maybe It’s Flies (Part 2).

Thank you to all of you who take the time to read my blog!