Green Beans…They’re So Fun!!!!

Have you ever seen these things called Green Beans? You know they’re long, kinda skinny, green, and SUPER FUN to play with!!!!! I’m sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself …let’s see…well…umm…I guess we should start back at the…what did she call that place…it was the Farmer’s Park…no, the Farmer’s Mark…Market! That’s right, it was the Farmer’s Market.

So every Saturday my person goes to this Farmer’s Market, and she brings home all kinds of different food. Sometimes she brings home meat, bread, fairies…no berries, and then one time she brought home these Green Beans….

“Sassy, I’m home.”

I came running down the hall, Person! What did  you find?

“They had a bunch of good stuff this time Sass.”

Naturally, I immediately began to inspect everything …you never know what might try to get us.

“Ok, we have some berries, a loaf of bread, some peaches, some potatoes, oh and I also bought some Green Beans.”

Whoa …whoa…whoa….What are those things…you’ve never bought those before.

“What is it Sass?”

These things…I pulled out the longest green thing I had ever seen.

“Sass,” my person said laughing, “What are you doing with that Green Bean?”

A Green Bean…huh…this needs further inspection.

I ran down the hall with the Green Bean in my mouth. I set it down to inspect. According to the KGTNH when you properly inspect new things you have to smell it, paw it, push it around, sometimes you even have to chew on it.

I smelled it…Smells kind of funny, but OK.

Pawed it…Kind of hard, but nothing odd.

Chewed it…Oh…that’s nasty tasting. Humans like weird things sometimes.

Then I pushed it around…HOLY COW!!!!! It went flying down the hall.

That’s what these are good for!  I began to push the Green Bean back and forth down the hall. These Beans are so much fun!!!!!

Just then my person came around the corner…

“Sassy, what are you doing?” she said laughing. I dashed down the hall to my person.

Person, we need more of these Green Beans…they are so much fun!!!!!




Kitty’s and Baths

There’s this rumor going around that Kitty’s are “afraid” of water. I would like to set this straight. We are NOT afraid of water….we just don’t like it.

Not long ago, my person and I were getting ready to go on a trip. My person just about had the truck loaded up when I saw how beautiful it looked outside. I’m sad to say, I couldn’t help myself, and I might have run outside after my person.

You see the sun was out and it looked so warm from the inside…key word LOOKED. As soon as I went outside to the steps, I realized… It was freezing!….and WET!!!! …and there was half melted snow everywhere!!!!!

My person walked around the corner of the house…

“Sassy! what are you doing  out here? It’s freezing!”

I know that now.

“Sass, you’re all muddy, we can’t travel with you like that. We’re gonna have to give you a quick bath.”


“Come on Sass, it won’t be that bad. I’ll make sure the water is nice and warm, and I’ll have a fluffy towel for you…”


“Oh it won’t be that bad and it will be over before you know it.”

I’m not really sure what happened next. All I know is that it was so traumatizing…so terrible…I try to block from my mind permanently.

I am very thankful that the water was nice and warm like my person promised….

“Here we go Sass, into the tub.”

AAAAHHHH !!!!! I don’t like water!!!!! Get me out of here!!!!!!!

“Sassy, if you would just hold still it won’t take that long.”

After that, most of it’s a blur, except I remember looking up at my person and the front of her shirt was completely soaked with water.

Person?…What did you do?!?

Next thing I knew there was a nice fluffy.. warm …towel wrapped around me drying me off…and my person had a different outfit on.


All I know, is I learned my lesson, and I’m never running outside like that AGAIN!!!!



Step Things and Applepuss (Part 2)

I flew down the step things ….back up the step things as fast as a jackalope…down the hall…up the other steps….


I might have ran up and down all those step things for …well… probably longer than I care to admit. I don’t know what makes them so much fun, but there’s just something about running up and down them as long as a Kitty wants….Oh I love it!

I decided it was time to calm down and go see where everyone was at. I found my person and Grammy and Grampy in the kitchen.

“Hey there Sass, you done running up and down the stairs for now?” my person asked.

I am…for now at least. What is that FANTASTIC smell?!?

“Do you smell the food Sassy?” Grampy asked.

I do, but there’s so many smells. I smell the hamburgers, cheese, lettuce, bread, potato chips, and there’s something else…Is it apples? No, not apples…what is that?

“Can you grab the applesauce?” Grammy said to my person.

Applepuss? What in the world is that? Is that what that fantastic smell is?!?!

I ran over to my person.

What is this Applepuss stuff, and can I try some? Is it ok for Kitty’s?

“Hang on a second Sassy,” Grammy said “Once we get the table set, we’ll get you some food.”

I knew I liked these people…both Grammy and Grampy speak Kitty!!!

As promised, once the table was set, Grammy gave me some food…

“Here you go Sassy, and here’s a little bit of the homemade applesauce.”


I cautiously went over to the tiny bowl. This was definitely the smell I couldn’t figure out earlier. I took a small taste….WOW!!!!!!

I ran over to Grammy’s seat, jumped up on her lap….

Grammy, this Applepuss is AMAZING!!!!!! Thank you for it!!!! Person, we need more of this Applepuss!!!!

I jumped off Grammy and ran back to my Applepuss….so YUMMY!!!!!!

Step Things and Applepuss (Part 1)

My person and I recently took a trip to this place she calls Grammy and Grampy’s house. I’m not really sure what a Grammy or a Grampy is, but it seemed like it took FOREVER to get to their house!

The whole way there, my person talked about this food humans call Applepuss…no that’s not it…um…Applesauce! Yep, that’s it and how Grammy makes the best kind. Then there was something about some bread, and some kind of meat…let’s just say there was a lot of talk about food and sewing (I know what this, Shannon does that at the shop) and fabric, and a bunch of other things that my person says is alot of fun.

What I’m most interested in is my person say’s Grammy and Grampy have a big house, and guess who gets to inspect it all!!!! That’s right…ME!!!!! Apparently Grammy and Grampy had Kitties a while ago, but they don’t now. Oh I hope they remember how to speak Kitty!

Well, after FOREVER of driving…we finally pulled up to their house.

HOLY COW…It is HUGE!!!!!!

“Alright Sass, here we are.”

We got out of the truck…

Oh my goodness, I smell someone cooking some hamburgers…WOW those smell good!

We went inside the house, and there was alot of hugging. Then an older lady bent down and talked to me…

“Why you must be Sassy…”

And you must be Grammy. 

I put my paw out to give her a gently’s only the polite thing for a kitty to do when she meets a new person.

“Oh I like her,” Grammy said, and then she picked me up.

I usually don’t like to be picked up, but then… I saw them…

What are those Grammy?

She turned around ,”You see the steps going upstairs? Well, if you like those, you’ll like these.”

We walked down a long hallway, and then she opened a door…


I leaped out of Grammy’s arms and stared at them for as second. I was just about to ask if I could go down there when she said, “Go on, it’s ok, you can go down there.”

I flew down the step things ….back up the step things as fast as a jackalope…down the hall…up the other steps….



Kitties and Naps

One very important part of a Kitty’s daily life is a nap.  It’s very hard work keeping your person safe, and a Kitty must make sure they have their rest.

Sometimes it might not be the softest place…

received_1872222219677807Sometimes it is very soft…


Sometimes the softest most comfortable place is in a cardboard box…


Or curled up with a blanket…


Sometimes the only place you can find to take a nap is on a chair…


Or in  a wooden box…


Regardless of where you find to take a nap, one thing everyone must remember, Kitties and Naps are essential!


Toilet Paper (Part 2)

“Sassy! what did you do to the Toilet Paper? Come on, we’ve got to get going. We’ll clean this up when we get home.”

I looked at the Toilet Paper laying there on the floor acting like it was dead.

Very smooth Toilet Paper…very smooth…I’m onto you….you heard my person, I’ll deal with you when we get home.

On the way to the shop, I tried to explain to my person, that the Toilet Paper was framing me! I don’t think she heard me though, she had that thing in her ear that she talks to people on.

Needless to say, it was a long day at the shop. I tried all day to figure out how that Toilet Paper got there, and why it decided to attack me! All that figuring just exhausted me.


When we finally got home, I went right over to that Toilet Paper and gave it a stern talking to…

Now listen here,  you toilet paper, I’m onto you…


I don’t know what your game is, or why you are making a mess in this house…

Still nothing.

Just then my person came in…

“What are you doing Sassy?”

I’m giving this Toilet Paper a talking too.

“Come on Sass, let’s get this cleaned up.”

Ok person, let me help.

We had just about finished picking up the mess when all of a sudden… I might have jumped straight up in the air…


“It’s OK Sass, that’s just the heater.”

But that’s the noise the Toilet Paper made before it threw itself all over the floor!!!

“Here Sass, let’s show this Toilet Paper who’s boss.”

YEAH!!!! I knew I loved you person!

Then, my person took the Toilet  Paper out of the wall, turned it around, and put it back in the wall.

“Alright, that should do it.”

That’s it?!?!

“Come on Sass it’ll be OK, now, let get some dinner made.”

I sat there staring at it for a few minutes.

Alright Toilet Paper, you just remember I’m watching you. Don’t you try anything tricky …or else.

“Sassy, come on, I’ve got chicken!”