The Beginning

Just so we get one thing straight right away, this is my story. My name is Sassy, and I’m a grey barn kitty. Most people when they see a kitten they say, “Oh look at that cute little kitten, how sweet!” I’m going to let you people reading this in on something……it’s all a front. Yes, you heard right, a front.

The truth is, a barn kitty like myself is looking for adventure. I have found that adventure with my person. To be right honest I knew it from the minute I heard her voice. Then I saw her, with her redish hair and her black sunglasses- she looked kind of small next to the giant person (also with red hair) standing next to her- and I could hear it in her voice she wanted adventure just like me!!! I was done with the barn mice, I needed more adventure,  I needed to see what was beyond these walls!!!!!

So, then the work began. I put on that kitty charm: went up to her, sat down, tilted my head slightly, and meowed….it’s always the meow that gets them.

She saw me… come on person….pick me up…

She started to bend down… that’s right, pick me up….


Kitty charm wins again!!!!!!!

You see once they pick you up and start petting you…that’s when you have a person. 🙂